versão em português

V1.20 (09/2012):

  • If the player goes to the first dungeon without changing the equipment, Guy says to buy something on Sako or Witch.
  • Placed keys(ESC,SPACE,ENTER) to exit credits 'more' presentation.
  • Added a buy button on the main menu (demo version only).
  • Removed star on the ground when Guy saves the Witch on first level (the log hideout).
  • Lowered the number of monsters and traps on the first level (the log hideout).
  • Lowered a little the waves room on Catacombs third floor.
  • Lowered a little the waves room on Dark Fortress third floor.
  • Spikes are more visible.
  • If you restart a level and only boss/sub-boss is missing, you will appear very near to the door of the boss/sub-boss (checkpoint).
  • Added a shortcut ladder to avoid the need of killing the sub-bosses again.
  • Bombie explosion range decreased by 5%.
  • Ring of greed price decreased to 3000 (was 5000).
  • Platinum Perseverance changed from "ammy +5" to "ammy +3".
  • Silver Muscles changed from "Kill Birohoduru with spear and ammy +4" to "Clear Dark Fortress' first sub boss with dagger and ammy +2".
  • Golden Muscles changed from "Kill Danny with spear and ammy +5" to "Kill Danny with dagger and ammy +1".
  • Now Boots of Evasion can absorb a deadly spell.
  • Recommended mouse only controls on the first game.
  • Rebalanced all spears (Level1 [+15% avg, -15% low], Level2 [+10% avg, -10% low], Level3 [+4% high, +4% avg, -8% low]).
  • Birohoduru velocity increased by 15% when pursuing a zoob that is near.

Bug fixes:

  • (pt) Platinum Perseverance text "Espada" changed to "Lança".
  • (pt) Erebus dialog "Certamente, párvulo, meu propósito..." reduced.
  • (en) Level name "Even dark fortress..." changed to "Even darker fortress...".
  • Relic Bonus2 had a hidden spike trap that could kill you.
  • Small fix on some positions of the bosses vs face off portrait.
  • Fixed the back button on credits not working properly.
  • Fixed the Axe Master and Spear Master achievements (Axe was giving Spear achievement and vice versa).
  • Fixed the achievement won text position in some cases.
  • Fixed Keyboard key stuck when moving/resizing the game window.
  • Sensitivity description text sometimes were off screen.
  • Avoided a rare situation that Doppel being stuck with another monster.
  • Changed Doppel shout a little to avoid doing consecutive shouts.
  • Sako weapons could appear sold instead of disabled.
  • Fixed a rare bug with a sound playing while the fire was extinguished.

V1.01 - Release version (08/2012).

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